Mangrove Forest Pig Escape

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You once had a favorite creator who owned a pig. He really loved his pig and even dressed it up for various occasions. It even appeared in his music videos. You thought he would be able to spend more fun time with the pig. However, the animal must have developed some sickness and it passed away. You felt sad upon hearing the news and couldn’t imagine the sadness the creator must have felt as well. He paused his activities for a few days and you felt like your day couldn’t be complete without watching his videos. So to take away your mind from the sad events, you decided to take a walk through the forest near you. You felt like the fresh air could really help you refresh your mind as well. Everything was calm and quiet which was exactly what you needed.

Suddenly in the distance, you heard some rustling. You followed the sound and saw the tail part of a pig. You rushed over to take a good look at the pig but instead you heard something shut. Then the pig was no longer in sight. You knew the pig must be trapped somewhere needing your help. Play Mangrove Forest Pig Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.