Man Escape From Blue Land Game

Man Escape From Blue Land

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Ericson got tired of the city now, everything seems to be mundane there and blue, so that late afternoon he just wanted to walk until maybe he can find a place where he can escape. He doesn't know what he'll find on the end of this but that's his purpose, to escape from the mundane. As Ericson walked, that got him to a place where the city's lights don't hit anymore, it's kind of like a wilderness but there are some people still living there in some old and broken-down houses. One of which that caught his attention was this house that looked like an igloo! It was great actually, a kind of house that is really sturdy, but actually there was someone in trouble there and Ericson was at first hesitant to help.

There was a man trapped in a small cabin near that igloo and he seems to be happy to have seen Ericson! Well that's because he said that he had been trapped for hours and the first person he saw was him. At first Ericson was thinking twice, for this might be a trap or something, but the voice of the man seems genuinely in distress so he'll have to try then. Escape players, Ericson have cleared a bit of his suspicion here and he'll see what he can do for the trapped guy. Will you help-out as well so that the person can be free?

Man Escape From Blue Land is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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