Mammoth Forest Escape Game

Mammoth Forest Escape

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A mad scientist, Dr. Mihay Kovacsic, is on the loose. He was working for the national security for years, developing weapons and researches. However, something went wrong and it became hard to controll him. He started to deny orders in the favour of his plans and experiments. When the national security wanted to send him to retirement, he took away all of his researches and disappeared in one night. His skills must be something if he were able to outsmart the agents. This was two weeks ago. Today, a report came in, stating they've found the doctor. He is living in one of his residences, in Transylvania. According to the spy, he's now busy with developing cloning technology. The spy even saw a living mammoth in front of his house. Go there, free the mammoth and catch the doctor. Good luck!

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