Mallard Duck Escape Game

Mallard Duck Escape

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Mallard Duck Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another daring rescues here in the coastal area. Best of luck!

The coastal village here is isolated from the rest of the country for when high-tide comes, it locks the place and will re-open when the tide goes down. The village had this little mallard duck and it's nobody's pet bird but everyone feeds it though, keeping it safe and healthy. The duck is pretty fond with a person named Charlie who also lives in the village, the little duck often goes to his place and waits for food, it then goes its merry way to another location. But one day however, Charlie noticed that the duck did not pass by him, so he followed its old tracks and their he found that it was actually in some trouble!

The mallard duck is trapped inside one of the village's houses and it seems that it's pretty fresh, for the animal is still very active and there's nobody around yet in the place. It's pretty unfortunate that the duck is trapped in the place, for the owner of the house is currently away and who knows when they'll return. It's up to Charlie here now to rescue the duck, will he be able to before it gets hurt? Join in the rescue here with Charlie escape players, have fun on the rescue!


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