Male Parrot Escape Game

Male Parrot Escape

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Join in on this animal rescue adventure with us. Male Parrot Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Avm Games. Have Fun!

In a far-away place somewhere in the Western desert, there is a village which was weirdly thriving but well the secret behind that wasn't really preposterous, there is an oasis in the middle of that place and whenever there is water most especially when it's neither too acidic nor too alkaline, there is most certainly life. In a home in that village, somebody is actually taking-care of a rare parrot and for them it's their most beloved pet bird which they protects always, that is how lush that area is even though it is in the middle of the desert, one can take-care of an animal easily. Those people who takes care of that parrot is Gilbert's neighbors and he thought one day, maybe their bird and his are actually two the same species and it's good that theirs is a sure male and his a female.

Well Gilbert needs to see theirs first and maybe it's a totally different species, but there was a problem that day for their parrot is currently trapped and they are having a hard-time trying to rescue it! Gilbert doesn't know yet where the bird is currently trapped, but this might be his chance to gain his neighbor's trust for their parrot. Escape players, Gilbert needs to rescue his neighbor's parrot and of course safely, care to join-in and see if you can get this done successfully? Good luck then and enjoy!

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