Make Me Laugh

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You are a stand-up comedian who worked at a local pub at the outskirts of the Kingdom of Fjornnik. You are popular and gained a reputation of being able to make anyone laugh out loudly, even those with little to no sense of humor at all. One day you received a scroll with the kingdom’s insignia on it. You are being summoned by the king to become the new court jester, decline and you’ll be beheaded. The king is known to be hard to please so you think this might be a problem for you. You replied to the king’s message informing him that you accept the offer but asks if he can give you a week’s worth of research.

You then set out to meet with the Comedian’s Council and try to convince them of your predicament, you begged for them to bequeath upon you their best jokes. The council agrees to grant your wish but first you need to make them all laugh…one at a time.

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