Majesty Urban Villa Escape Game

Majesty Urban Villa Escape

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The village was quiet even though it is located in an urban area, that's because the entire place is being cordoned by trees which muffles the noise of the city. The houses there are luxurious even the little ones, that's why Robert is living there for it's peaceful and the air is fresher. His house was one of the smaller ones but he is very much contented, for he really doesn't need a lot of space for he lives alone at the moment. One day however, he somehow realized that living alone was actually disadvantageous, for when he was about to leave the place he realized that the doors are mysteriously locked and because he was alone, he couldn't get help from anybody!

Robert doesn't have any idea why this happened, he had tried a lot already which can help get him out but none would work unfortunately. Escape players, do you have another way to escape from the place if you are ever faced with the same situation as Robert's? Go ahead then and give this escape challenge a go with Robert, try not to destroy anything for it might not be necessary.

Majesty Urban Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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