Majestic House Escape Game

Majestic House Escape

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Martin's house is finally made of solid stone and concrete, well his house before was such but it wasn't solid and sturdy,  that's why it easily collapse on the recent earthquake. It's a good thing though he wasn't home that time and luckily he already has a new home being constructed, and that is his current house which was big, luxurious, and modern. Martin have already fixed things there and placed every furniture where they should be, everything was going well until, an issue came up and Martin then blew a sigh of exhaustion after.

This time however, the issue has nothing to do with disasters, but a mysterious thing which Martin doesn't even have an answer. All of the doors in the house could not be opened and because Martin was somehow numb with everything that had happened even though it happened a year ago, he just thinks this is another issue he needs to solve. But well not alone though, for escape players you will be helping Martin out by solving whatever is locking the doors and quickly too for this thing might get worst somehow.

Majestic House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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