Majestic Castle Game

Majestic Castle

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Your majesty is indeed majestic but this castle is majestic alone. Only the king and queen can enter the castle. The thing is, you are really curious about what's inside the Majestic Castle so you sneak inside. This is the most amazing place that you've ever been to. However, you can't stay in this place any longer. The guards might see you hanging around and you will surely end up in the dungeon if that happens. Because of that, you have to find a way to escape from this place before the king and queen finds out about this. The problem is, you can't get away from here in just a snap. There are so many puzzles that yo have to solve before you can escape from here. But on the good note, there are clues that can help you to solve everything.

Getting in is easier than getting out so you have to use your logic to find a way to escape from here as soon as possible. There are items along the way that can help you to escape and you have to collect those. Play this newest room escape game by First Escape Games and use your logic to escape from the Majestic Castle. Good luck!

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