Magpie Bird Escape Game

Magpie Bird Escape

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Mario knows that his pet magpie can be very aggressive at times and is even a great thief! It loves shiny objects and no matter how Mario negatively disables the behavior, it still does that. One day, Mario could not find his magpie and because it is one mischievous creature, he fears the worst but still continued to find it. Well after an hour of finding the animal, he found it and in all actuality it was captured! Mario had his eyes wide-open for he tried to see if it is really his magpie. It was for it had that distinct stain on its coat which was born with it.

Right-now, the magpie is inside a cage of that rascal neighbor of his which was quite a real jerk, he bets he'll never return the bird or maybe sells it to him for a high price, but he ain't going to do that though, instead he is going to try and take it as cunningly as possible, like a ninja. But there is a catch however, he must not get caught or the guys living there will do something ridiculous to him. Escape players, the rescue for the magpie is definitely going to be hard, will you help Mario here retrieve what's his before he gets noticed?

Magpie Bird Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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