Magnificent Fort Escape

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As green and remote the land is, there is a really old fort there and it was once abandoned, but now it had been reconstructed as well as cleaned, now the place is a great place to visit. That day, Ramon went there for the fort is in his checklist on his country-wide vacation here, and at the moment he is getting pumped for he had been to great places earlier and this one here he is also excited of. That day, there were only few visitors and what great timing, he can take more pictures there without too much obstruction.

Ramon is currently moving around the ancient place and everything seems to be fine at first, but as he goes though he is slowly getting himself lost and after a while he only realized that when it was kind of too late! Ramon is now in an area without people and he could no longer navigate from there! He is trying his best to find his way back, but really he couldn’t and it’s just frustrating. Escape players, play as Ramon here and you are currently taking his inconvenient obstacle. Will you be able to solve this by finding your way back and carefully? Get to the garden of this fort and there you’ll find familiar paths. Slowly now, or risk getting lost in there even more in the place’s long and ancient halls.

Magnificent Fort Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Magnificent Fort Escape


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