Magician Escape

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The magic land exists in a totally different plane, but magicians like Mike can access the place for they have a certain ritual that would open a portal to it. And so he went in to fulfill a test, and that was to try and rescue someone there. The test was about the lost magician in the place and for years people have been trying to get him out of there, but unfortunately nobody could. Well it’s Mike’s time and he wishes to pass this test, this is going to be hard for the doorways and portals in that place constantly pops up and those would lead to who knows where.

Now a portal leading to Earth has opened and it’s where Mike came from. The task is to find this guy and then return with him for he had been in the place for far too long now, the place could probably be more of a home to him than his prison, but still he needs to return. Escape players, the task must be done here and Mike is next in line to do this. He needs to succeed on this for not only he will be rescuing quite an icon in magic, but there will be perks in rescuing someone who brought trouble to a lot of magicians before, so will you help Mike in getting this done successfully?

Magician Escape is another new point-and-click rescue escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Magician Escape

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9 months ago

Not bad, very not bad, G2M! It seems, is a trifle – an idea with eyes, – but I did not immediately think of it.