Magical Winter Christmas Forest Escape Game

Magical Winter Christmas Forest Escape

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It's Christmas morning and Leo needs to be heading to the village now which was still a ways away and through the snowy forest. And so he packed his gear, readied the goodies for his family, and prepared for the cold. Leo had been traveling for 30 minutes and all was normal, very cold but nothing new. Well that's for the first 30 minutes only, because the next minute Leo realized he seems to be lost for the path he is taking now doesn't look familiar at all!

Leo fears he might have taken one of the splits along the main path but how can he? For he knows the forest now already. Well there is always a first-time and this one here is potentially dangerous too. Escape players, Leo needs to get himself back on track here before everything turns for the worst. Will you help him navigate through the snow here and carefully too for the risk of taking another wrong path? You all have the time then for it's still early in the morning and you have until sundown where temperatures will really plummet.

Magical Winter Christmas Forest Escape is the newest point and click icy wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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  1. Date: December 14, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    For a long time I wanted to write finally a laudatory review about the games "Big Escape Games", but all the time I held myself back - I was afraid to jinx it. But already several games these guys are making without a single flaw: backgrounds, music, colors, puzzles - everything is on top. I really want it to stay that way. In short, keep it up! [Reply]

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