Magical Mirror Escape Game

Magical Mirror Escape

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You are now in the forest of mystics and the entire land here is filled with illusions, magic, and creatures beyond anyone's imagination. But you are now used to this for you have been to many adventures and this is just like another day at work for you. This time however you are in the search of a magical mirror which can tell just about anything you ask it, from secret places to untold treasures, that would include in the long list is the way out of there too. So this adventure you took is either do or die for you really can't find your way back if you don't find that mirror which could be anywhere in the vast place!

Escape players, are you up for something like this? Succeed and you get to keep the mirror that you have been searching for as well as escape the place. Fail and you might spend until the last days of your life still searching for that mirror and just keep failing. If you choose to take on this challenge then be ready, for the illusions here in the forest is definitely strong to get people lost in there.

Magical Mirror Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by WoW Escape.

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