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Magical Fun Forest

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The magical forest looks more like a jungle but it is actually a forest and the nature of the place is kind of dark. For centuries nobody was courageous enough to check the place out for stories had been passed through the ages that the entire area is magical but the bad thing about it is it uses that magic to do menacing things to people! Too bad, the forest is suppose to be an oasis of magical stuff but it isn't from the light though. As a tourist and a person who knows nothing about the forest as well as the stories that surrounds it, Mark got in-trouble there and because nobody goes there, nobody can really help him!

Mark was only going to just venture into some wilderness to feel fresh-air and be in a calm ambiance, but he was faced with something different however like the complete opposite of what he wanted, and also he was lost! The forest is starting to act very weird and is becoming even darker, will Mark be able to escape from the place before he faces another weird occurrence in the said wilderness?

Magical Fun Forest is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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