Magical Forest Fairy Escape Game

Magical Forest Fairy Escape

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Ever since you were younger, you believed the fantasy world was talking to you. Most people would dream varying dreams. However, yours was like a continuous story. Every night you would be in a different world where you interact with its inhabitants. They were cute little fairies. You actually liked seeing them every night. No matter how bad your day was, whenever you meet them, you instantly felt their happiness. It seemed like they never ran out of it. And you couldn't get enough of it as well. Your dreams continued for many years being bright and happy. You even made lots of friends. However, there was one night when the bright and happy world became dark and dull. You tried to ask your fairy friends about it. But they were just too sad to answer you. They just flew aimlessly and their colors were fading.

That was when you noticed one of them missing. You called out to her but no answer came. So you desperately looked for someone who could tell you what was going on. One of the elders approached you and told you about the witch and the location of your fairy friend. You couldn't let her and the others stay in trouble. Play Magical Forest Fairy Escape outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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