Magical Easter Egg Forest Escape Game

Magical Easter Egg Forest Escape

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People knows how notorious the forest is in getting people lost, there are a whole lot of explanations why they could have gotten lost and even some are never to be seen for again. One explanation is that the entire land is filled with illusions and people tend to fall for it, one can't really blame them for the illusions are said to be irresistible and it takes a whole lot of sheer will-power to ignore. That day, Karl is going to face a huge risk for he decided to take-on the illusions of the forest and when he did even though people tried to stop him, his illusions began.

Karl's illusions wasn't at all relatable though, for the forest showed him a lot of Easter eggs and he doesn't even know why, he can't connect himself to the Easter eggs but he's keeping-up his guard though for even though the illusions are not doing anything to him yet, that doesn't mean the illusions are not working, he is going to have to try his best to leave slowly now for the opening salvo which was this is totally enough for him. Escape players, come and join Karl here as he escapes from the magical forest filled with illusions.

Magical Easter Egg Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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