Magical Cauldron House Escape Game

Magical Cauldron House Escape

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Magical Cauldron House Escape is another new point and click spooky house escape game made by WoW Escape for another dose of fun with us daily. Good luck!

Joey really thought the haunted house nearby was just a show for Halloween, it is though for decorations are strewn-up in the place but that's only half of it for there are actually mysteries in that place and one of them is the so-called magical cauldron. That cauldron according to the town's folklore, is that it once belonged to the witch of the town whom the people persecuted and executed in the end. They thought they had lost the cauldron somewhere for it disappeared after the witch was finally dealt with, but Joey thought he might have found it and when he did, the haunted house attraction which he thought was harmless was actually now trapping him in, and because he is alone, he couldn't get himself out of there!

Escape players, Joey here doesn't know how much trouble he is in, but he will soon find that out if he ever makes a wrong move in the place, not that he already did it which he knows of. Care to join in with Joey here on this spooky escape and see if you can leave the place before you catch a glimpse of the cursed cauldron somewhere in the house? Good luck then and be quick on your toes.

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