Magic Garden Escape Game

Magic Garden Escape

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Try this escape adventure here from a place built by magic. Magic Garden Escape is a brand new point and click magical wilderness escape game from 365 Escape. Enjoy!

Way back half a thousand years ago, the wilderness just got turned into something and from then people have not been able to enter the place for things are now blocking them to enter. Actually what happened there was because Merlin the great sorcerer of the time turned that normal forest into a place for magical creatures to make their home or seek refuge. Well nowadays nobody knows if Merlin is still alive or is around, but his work remains and that day, an adventurer of the modern day world was heading just right towards it.

Kurt knows about the rumors of the place and as an adventurer he believes that the place is going to be a lot different than the other wildernesses he had been to. Now every fortress or encasement is not perfect however, there was this tiny window somewhere in the dome of clouds which Merlin made and from there anyone can enter without being confronted by the creatures he had placed. It was just sheer luck that Kurt had passed just there in that small window and by the end of it, he saw the most beautiful thing he had seen ever. Right in-front of him was the magical forest Merlin had made and it's just very different from anything! Well little did he know though that Merlin wasn't that dumb, for he had also made a safeguard for the place just in case some mortal gets in and escape players, that challenge is the thing you are going to face with Kurt. Good luck then everyone, try not to be confused by the illusions of the place.

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