Machinery Yard Escape Game

Machinery Yard Escape

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Machinery Yard Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Genie Fun Games for more escape adventures here daily. Have Fun!

The machine warehouse is being abandoned slowly by slowly everyday, for the place is getting old and unstable which made the owners to move in another location together with what remains in that place. One day, Butch was cleaning-up some of the machines there and setting-up stuff so that it can be prepared for the move, as a worker in that yard for years, Butch was one of the most experienced employees there when it comes to the machines, that is why he was occasionally left alone there to tinker. But one day however, something happened to Butch in the yard and because he was alone that time, nobody could help him there!

Butch was fixing-up something in the yard but when he tried to leave the place however to get something outside, he realized that the doors which was the only way in and out was mysteriously jammed locked! Butch knows that if somebody got trapped in the place here he or she can easily escape thanks to the people around, but well Butch is alone here which means he is going to have to escape on his own. Escape players, care to try the escape adventure here from the machine yard with Butch and see if you can all make it? Good luck then and enjoy!


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