Macaw Parrot Escape From Cage

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Stan lives in the wilderness now in a small house peacefully, he never thought that such a decision of his there would really be the best that he has made, he should have done this a while back and that would be great. But it’s this now and he can finally relax and live on his own terms there. From time to time, Stan encounters the exotic creatures living in the forest there and mostly it is a usual encounter nothing too special, but that day one of his tasks is going to have to do with one of them there and this animal wasn’t even just a simple one.

Stan took a check on his cage that day for game, and when he did and saw a full-grown macaw parrot inside it, he definitely got startled! This had never happened before, him catching a big bird such as this and that’s why he really stopped and thought about what he needs to do there. Well, he can’t eat something like this especially that they are exotic birds and there are not many of them, okay then he’ll free it but he needs to find his key to the cage first so he can release it. Escape players, you are now Stan here and the task is for you to accomplish. Will you be able to free the parrot there so you can then continue with your day’s tasks?

Macaw Parrot Escape From Cage is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Macaw Parrot Escape From Cage

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