Luxury Yacht Escape

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A yacht is something you once believed, you can never afford. And looking at your accounts, you still can’t afford it til now. However, just like an unexpected rain, a blessing of travel falls on you. And as they say, when it rains, it pours. Your travel is not like any other, the sponsor of it gives you the chance to be inside a yacht. You can now travel in both luxury and style. You’re not really used to these kinds of stuffs. However, how can you say no to such an amazingly free offer. You’re bound to travel alone. But being on a yacht still weighs better. So you fill your suitcases with all the fancy clothes you can have. You feel like being a model ready to strut the runway. Regardless of your anxiety, you actually enjoy preparing all these for your trip.

Then the day is here! You dress up in a chic clothing just enough to show class. You don’t really want to stand out to much. Upon entering the yacht, you can’t help but be in awe. The place is so shiny and glittery like all the stars on the night sky gather here. However, the lights may have blinded you. It seems you have lost your way out. Play Luxury Yacht Escape room escape game by Eight Games.