Luxury Vacation Home Escape Game

Luxury Vacation Home Escape

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The luxury resort is located in the mountains and the houses to stay in there are absolutely luxurious and sadly only a few can afford a stay there. Fortunately, Jason has some extra funds and that's why he was able to afford a stay there for 2 days! Jason came with his friends for they cannot miss on the opportunity to be staying in a high class place. Jason however had to handle some things in the reception and that's why he let his friends go first to the house they are going to stay in as he sort things out. Little did he know though that is one factor that is going to get him in a bit of an inconvenience.

Jason forgot to ask where the house they are suppose to be staying in at the reception, and it seems to be too late now too for he is lost in the area and he can't find his way now! Jason is seeing beautiful houses as he passes, that calms him a bit but soon he knows he'll find what he is looking for, still he needs help escape players, so will you give him a hand?

Luxury Vacation Home Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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