Luxury Palace Princess Escape 2 Game

Luxury Palace Princess Escape 2

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You don't know how long and how many your missions will be. But what you do know is that you can do it all for the princess. She isn't the most lovable person there is. She tends to get on your nerves because of her ways. But you know that all of these are just for other people's sake. She knows anytime she can be taken away. And if she doesn't have any strong relationship with anyone, nobody's going to hurt. Yet you're staying by her no matter what. You simply can't get her out of your system. It may be very cheesy, but it seems like your life is her. For all the years you're spending in this palace, you only think about her. This is logical as you're assigned as one of her assistants. This means that you get to experience all of her moods.

However, despite of this all, you manage to accept her. She may not be able to notice this but it's enough for you to know how you feel. Her abduction is bringing such a great strain on the palace's strength. She needs to return quickly to maintain the strength of the palace. Play Luxury Palace Princess Escape 2 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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