Luxury Mansion Escape 2 Game

Luxury Mansion Escape 2

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You remember fainting in the very hot sunlight during the ceremony. You were supposed to be the flower spreader of the event. Since you don't know what's your extraordinary ability just yet, the kingdom's making use of your flowers. And you're always ready to share it with the rest of the people. However, every time you produce a bunch of flowers, a strand of your hair changes. You don't know how it'll look on you so as much as possible you want to avoid it. Then again, who are you to refuse the king's request? So you stood there to continue spreading the flower to everyone. What they didn't know was that you intended to make yourself feel sick to escape. However, you weren't able to fake it anymore. You really did feel sick and you can't take the continuous production of flowers.

You're thinking about all the things you've done now that you're lying in bed. Your head still feels a little heavy but you want to figure out what's going on. You look around to realize you're inside the luxury mansion. This mansion is where the royal family enjoys their leisure time. It's never your intention to intrude so escape quickly. Play Luxury Mansion Escape 2 room escape game by 365 Escape.

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