Luxury Hotel And Resort Escape Game

Luxury Hotel And Resort Escape

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While walking around the luxurious shops, a stranger popped out of nowhere and gave you a ticket. You weren't able to look at the ticket yet when the stranger hurriedly left. A bit confused, you looked for a bench. Upon sitting down, you looked at the ticket given you. You were excited upon learning it's a ticket to the luxury hotel and resort you've always dreamed of. So you went home instantly and prepared your stuffs. Then you approached the receptionist and he gave you a key. This key opened up a wondrous room. You can't believe you'll be staying here. It made you feel like a royalty. You enjoyed all the facilities for the whole day. Then you went out to check the rest of the hotel. When you walked around outside, you couldn't find anyone. You tried calling for room service but to no avail. Just escape.

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