Luxury Guest House Escape

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Naomi finally had the budget which she really worked hard for just to come and stay at this absolutely modern and vast luxurious house in a scenic resort! It was worth every cent for the place was absolutely complete, well at least in her eyes. It had every amenity there and each room is big, now this is a vacation for her indeed, she just hoped she had brought some friends but for now she’ll enjoy the place alone. Little did she know a problem will occur there and bringing friends started to sound it would have been a good idea then.

Naomi somehow could not get herself out of the house for the door was hard to open, it’s not just one door though but all of the exits! Naomi doesn’t know what’s happening, she thought it’s just her but it doesn’t seem so for she was able to get out earlier, now she couldn’t. Escape players, Naomi is mystified here and because the place was big, it wasn’t easy in going around just to find a way out of there, knowing that she can’t break stuff there too just to escape is also making the attempt hard. Will you just help Naomi here so she can escape and find-out what in the world is happening?

Luxury Guest House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Luxury Guest House Escape

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