Luxury Car Garage Escape Game

Luxury Car Garage Escape

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Luxury Car Garage Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Ekey Games for more fun escapes here in a luxurious house. Have Fun!

After the huge party that night in the luxurious house of Alec, everything went private the next morning for everyone had already left leaving Alec who is the owner of the place, alone. It was a productive day that day for the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, Alec thought he'll do something in his garage and with his various cars as well. And so Alec checked for everything that he can do to make his cars better for as an engineer and a mechanic, he had already made a lot of inventions for the vehicles for years which made him rich. As he went in his garage however, something happened in there which Alec got in some seemingly serious situation.

Alec tried to open his doors for some fresh-air, but well he was mystified however for it actually wouldn't, well that's not the only thing that couldn't be opened here, for his doors to his house would not open as well! Alec is slowly thinking that something might be playing this to him, but first he needs to find a way out so he can find-out for sure afterwards. Escape players, join Alec here as he finds his way out of his garage quick before something else happens. Good luck everyone and enjoy!

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