Luxury Car Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Luxury Car Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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Sam was testing-out some luxurious cars for he had been planning to get a new one as a present for himself. For him to really take-in what he would like, the car dealer left him a bit after he explained some features that's so he can really decide which one he'll purchase. After scanning through a dozen cars, he thought he might have found the right one. Sam was in this car which was not only luxurious, but was also highly technical. He thought it was quite awesome and it really is, but as soon as he manipulated something in it, a thing happened and that could change his impression of the car maybe just a little bit.

Right after he pressed some buttons, the doors of the car locked and he pressed more but still it wouldn't open! Sam called for help but it seems the car was somehow soundproof from the inside for nobody can hear him. There is very little room to maneuver here, but Sam is determined to escape so he won't look like a fool trapped in the car he was about to purchase. Escape players, want to try this escape here and see if you can get yourselves out of a highly automated car?

Try-out your best in escapes here and this time from an unusual place to be trapped in. Luxury Car Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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