Luxury Bathroom Escape Game

Luxury Bathroom Escape

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You're used to a bathroom just big enough for you. You couldn't really dance inside it since your limbs would hit the wall easily. So when you saw the luxury bathroom in your friend's place, you just can't stop admiring it. He invited you over to spend some time with him while he's still free. He works in another country and you only get to see each other once a year. When he comes home, he would call you over to his house to hang out with the rest of your friends. Recently, he got himself a bigger house. He wanted to make sure that his house is ready to accept guests. You're one of those he trusts that can arrange things to make good use of the space. You haven't really seen the entire house and suggested that you explore every space available first.

Your friend immediately agrees as he still has to buy some food for your friends. You're alone in the house and your senses immediately goes back to the bathroom. You just can't get enough of its size and other features. There are some buttons present there and your hand naturally moves toward them. However, with just one push of a button, you find yourself unable to leave. Play Luxury Bathroom Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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