Luxury Apartment Escape Game

Luxury Apartment Escape

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Because you hit the mega jackpot on sweepstake, you quickly bought this luxury apartment. You've been dreaming of this since you were young and now that you have money, you can finally live luxuriously. However, this event really excites you so much that you forgot to get your key from the land lady. Because of this, you can't open the door in your apartment. Good thing that this place has complete furniture so there are many items that you can use to escape. But even though you are so rich, there is still something that money can't buy. Money can't buy you logic so you have to use your own brain to think of a way to escape. To support your logic, there are clues that you can find in this apartment. However, there are puzzles that you have to solve first before those clues show up.

Because of this, you have to start as quick as you can so you can finish this puzzle in no time. Luxury Apartment Escape is the newest room escape game from 365 Escape. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and try to escape as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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