Lush Villa Escape Game

Lush Villa Escape

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Derek woke-up and found himself in the countryside! What in the world was he doing there? He pondered. He remembered sleeping on his bed and now he is at this countryside house which was quite luxurious and in the middle of scenic nowhere! Did somebody brought him there and abandoned him or something? If this is some sort of prank from his friends then it could be, but the problem was this is too much and he knows nobody could pull such a big prank like this and really waste time and money. Derek looked around but still, he couldn't distinguish where he was exactly and also he couldn't find anybody in the area. He needs to get out of there but first he needs to find help so he'll know where he is.

Escape players, what a strange situation Derek woke-up into, he is clearly not dreaming that's why he needs to solve this one right-now for all he knows this might not be a prank. Come and join Derek here everyone, try your best to escape out of the place so he can then go home safely.

Lush Villa Escape is a brand new point and click countryside escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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