Lush Tropical Forest Escape Game

Lush Tropical Forest Escape

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A part of the tropical forest have been turned into a man-made garden and it looks as beautiful as it was even though it disturbed a lot of wildlife and vegetation. It shouldn't have been created but in the first place but it is already finished, at least nobody created a high-rise there. One day, Jerry went to the place for he aims to reach beyond the ends of the garden where the true forest begins, but it seems that they turned the path in the garden there into a maze, that unfortunately got Jerry lost!

At the moment, nobody can help Jerry here for he saw he was the only person who entered the place, which means he has to save himself if he wants to get to his destination and begin his task. Escape players, Jerry's only help that he can get now is from you, if you choose to try the challenge then place yourself on the shoes of Jerry and find clues around the forest so you can escape safely as well as easily. Be careful of where you proceed now for it can lead further into the place and you will most definitely get even more lost there.

Lush Tropical Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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