Lush Lodge Escape

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In a few months, you’ll be climbing your highest mountain, the Mt. Everest. It has become your goal ever since you started joining the mountain climbing club. Actually, you fist joined the club because of your crush. You’ve been seeing her every time you pass by the club. Then again, you can’t find the right venue to talk to her. So you joined the club and you two got closer. However, she transferred abroad after a few months. But your love for mountain climbing remained to this day. You’ve been through a lot of mountains with the group. You’re really thankful for their help especially when you were just starting. They’ve patiently guided every step until you can make it on your own. There were times when the thought of quitting crosses your mind. But they’re always cheering you on to keep moving forward.

So now you are to face Mt. Everest. But you need to practice climbing on smaller snowy mountains first. However, while practicing, an avalanche happened. You were covered with snow and lost your way. You found yourself near a lush lodge. This became your starting point of escape. Lush Lodge Escape is a room escape game by Mouse City.