Lush Forest Pond Escape Game

Lush Forest Pond Escape

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The lushness of the forest is really showing, for the place's river ponds are getting clearer because mining had been stopped in the higher lands which had been polluting the waters there. That day, Theo went into the said forest to see the clearness of the waters for he haven't seen such since he moved to the place a year ago. As he arrived in the first ponds, the beauty was apparent and the smell of the water is good, that pushed Theo higher to the other ponds for he really planned to do just that and now, he is doing it. But it seems that he had pushed himself too much though, for he is facing a problem which he must now prioritize.

Theo seems to be lost now and the only guides that he can use were the ponds for there are no real paths there, but the problem with that is there are a lot of ponds in the place and if he ever makes a mistake, then he might get lost even more in the wilderness! Escape players, Theo must try for that is the logical thing to do, will you join in him though and see if you can leave the place as well no problem?

Lush Forest Pond Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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