Lucky Pig Escape

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The town where Louie lives is absolutely a developed place now, for ever since it had become the center of commerce and trade from the nearby villages that surrounds it, the town evolved quickly. It is like a city there now and Louie got very busy since then for as a butcher, meat products just keeps coming to meet demands. But one day the peace in the slaughterhouse got disturbed, for there was this one pig who didn’t want to get slaughtered, so it busted-out its secret and that is it can talk, think, and move like a human!

That all happened a year back and Louie can remember it like it was yesterday. The entire crew though kept this a secret and not slaughter it but in exchange however, it’ll work for them. The pig agreed and there was a pact for really the crew didn’t know what to do with it and besides, they were fascinated for they have not seen such as this before. And so they called the pig the lucky pig and what joy it gave out when Louie and the crew decided to spare him. But now back in the present time though, guess the pig’s luck had a little break, for now it is trapped in a house there in the area and it’s quite concerning, for somebody could see him and the entire place will be pandemonium! Escape players, the pig had now become a friend to Louie and his crew so when he knew this, everybody was out to rescue him. Will you join in as well on this rescue here and see if you can give them all a hand in rescuing that pig?

Lucky Pig Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.