Low Rise Apartment Escape Game

Low Rise Apartment Escape

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The apartment here which Angelo got was not located in a high-finance area, that's why it is quite cheap but at the same time the interior is almost luxurious. Angelo loves his new apartment room and even though things are not always easy there thanks to how big and high maintenance it is, he is still proud for he actually made it with this after a whole-lot of hard-work in the previous years. But one day however, a thing happened in the room and it is more than just the not so easy things that happens in the place occasionally, for it actually trapped him inside!

Angelo could not get himself out of his new apartment room for the doors seems to have jammed shut. He had no reasons why it would do that too other than it might be haunted, or the locks being busted, but at the same time though? That's pretty weird and this one is really more than just not easy. Escape players, will you join Angelo here as he escapes from his house and find-out what's going-on before this thing gets way out of hand?

Low Rise Apartment Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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