Lovely Macaw Escape

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Lemuel lost his scarlet macaw that day, not lost as in gone, but lost as in missing! It flew out of the house suddenly and after an hour it didn’t return. Lemuel was confused why but he allowed a few more minutes, for this parrot of his returns from time to time, still there was no sign of it. Lemuel decided to set-off and find his macaw then, he doesn’t know where to start but he needs to be quick, for the sun will be setting soon.

Lemuel thought did his parrot find a mate? Unlikely for the scarlet macaw is not even endemic in the place. Maybe it got trapped in something? Hopefully not, but sadly though that thought was right! Lemuel heard his macaw scream from inside a house which looks like a giant mushroom! What in the world is up with that house and who does it belong to? Lemuel have no idea why is the house shaped like a mushroom, but well nobody has to tell anybody how to live their lives. Still this is his business now, for his macaw is inside that house and he needs to get it back. Escape players, Lemuel already checked and there seems to be nobody home, there were no signs of recent activity either. That might mean his parrot got trapped in there after it entered it. Will you help Lemuel here rescue his parrot before it hurts itself in its struggle to escape from inside?

Lovely Macaw Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Lovely Macaw Escape


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