Lovely Languid Ant Escape

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Everything near the village is living in harmony and are joyous, it could be the strange effect of the forest and that’s why even though the animals there are not that usual at all, people are still living in the place and are even ignorant of it at times. One of these unusual animals there were these giant ants and they are as big as house cats! People are interested in them but not to the point that they would freak-out on it and one reason could be that they see such creatures on a daily basis. But one person will focus on at least one of them though, for one just got trapped in a house there and it definitely needs help!

Raymond found this one soldier ant and the creature is now trying to gnaw its way out of the house! That is definitely a no no, for soon it will be able to destroy the door so it can get out. Raymond needs to help that trapped giant ant there and quickly before it gets through. He also needs to do this delicately for they are kind of like bees, if one is in danger the rest will come and help it and subdue the thing that is hurting one of them. Escape players, you will now be playing as Raymond here, will you be able to free the trapped animal and quickly?

Lovely Languid Ant Escape is a brand new point and click house animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Lovely Languid Ant Escape

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