Lovely Dove Escape

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Ian’s traps are getting old now and some needed to be disposed of. Living in the forest is hard and those traps are just one part of his means to survive in such a place. So that day he constructed a new trap which was somehow tricky and so to see if he can catch something with it. The new trap is a small crevice in a tree, it looks crude but the mechanism in it is not. And so, Ian gave it a few hours and just placed seeds in there to catch wild fowl or something. But as he checked it again however, he never thought he’d really catch something! But unfortunately it is not what he wanted.

Ian trapped not just one but three doves! Three doves? But why? For one dove would have triggered the trap already. Maybe they flew together at the same time? Possibly, but there are no wild doves in the area here, these could from someone and he needs to free them then, but there was another problem with that unfortunately, Ian could not open his cage for he is missing the key to it! Ian has a weird key for the thing, so if that goes missing then he’ll really have a hard-time opening the trap there. Escape players, want to help Ian here rescue those doves trapped in his contraption?

Lovely Dove Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Lovely Dove Escape


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