Love Squirrel Forest Escape Game

Love Squirrel Forest Escape

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The squirrel tribe is a settlement in the forest made-up of hundreds of squirrels and they are all living together like rodents do! It's a very strange behavior not typical at all with squirrels, but these squirrels aren't typical however, for they have human-like consciousness. That  day, two squirrels have gone for an adventure out into the wilderness for as couples, they would like to be alone and the best place to be is where else, but the forest. They were warned however not to go very deep into the wilderness for even though they are squirrels, they can still get lost and be prey to wild predators, any rescue from the tribe would not be easy then nor would it even be possible, that's why they must listen to it. They took that and went but unfortunately, did not take the advise at heart.

The couple decided to go even deeper into the forest for really they are getting more adventurous as they go on this journey of theirs. But just as warned by their elders, it happened, now they are lost and the worst part about is the male squirrel's partner got trapped in what looks like a man-made trap! Now they are really repenting, for what they did resulted in this. They desperately need help now and who else can provide it but you escape players, for the members of their tribe are not going to come for they are very far away. Will you help-out on this rescue first for the girl squirrel so that they can return home?

Love Squirrel Forest Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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  1. Date: February 14, 2021
    Author: dewed
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