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Love Park Escape

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The love park seems to be border-less for the vegetation are quite vast in the place and the paths just goes to everywhere and anywhere in the area, it is a perfect place for lovers to take a stroll into but even then it is still good for everyone to visit. People must be careful still though, for the patch of forest in the park can get anyone potentially lost even when it is really not that vast to be border-less. One day however, somebody still got lost in the place and that was Evan who took a different route from the jogging-path and it seems to be that he missed the right one!

Somebody gets lost in the place at least once, but most can just find their way back and safely. But for Evan however, he is not feeling good about this, that is why he needs your help escape players! Will you join Evan here in finding the way back before sundown? For this place then will be hard to navigate. Be ready and may you find vital clues in the place that can help.

Try your best on the escape here from a serene place. Love Park Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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