Love Palace Escape Game

Love Palace Escape

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It's February and hearts magically float on the air almost everywhere. You know they have very thin translucent strings attached on them but you're no party pooper. So you go along with the others pretending they're floating there. Valentine's Day is such a challenge for you. Despite the many hearts and love flooding every breathing space, you still can't help but be stiff. You're not the type to show off any emotions so usually can't tell if you're okay or not. But it's better for you for things to be this way. You wouldn't even stand people asking you all the time. Although sometimes you really wish they do to. At times when you need appreciation, you have this Love Palace to go to. It's a place ideally for couples. But it also has some displays about your favorite drama and some suggested drama for your dose of romance.

Then again, just like in dramas, unexpected things can happen. Your stranger crush that became your friend then back to stranger is here. You wish to hide from this person so you enter random rooms until you lose your way. Play Love Palace Escape room escape game by Knf Games and get out of this tangle at once.


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