Lovable Boy Escape Game

Lovable Boy Escape

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There was this lovable boy who lives in the luxurious suburban area and he wasn't given that nickname for nothing. Even though he is just a child, he uses his rich parent's money and the little he has to help the people in the community and sometimes his parents doesn't even know it! Know that's a child that'll become something in the future, a rich kid that one can be proud of. As a person who also lives in the same area as the kid, Allison sees his deeds and she once even received help from him when a strong typhoon swept the area. Now one day the boy needs help with his lessons and as a tutor, Allison of course will lend him a hand. Finally, she can repay the boy with the help she received from him but that's if however, if he can get to him.

Allison arrives in the place and she entered for she was already told to come inside when she gets there, but there was a problem however, for when Allison went to the house's study room, he heard the boy crying for help from his room and when she came rushing, she realized that the boy was actually alone! Why was he alone and trapped? Allison was confused but one thing is clear to her, and that is to get the boy out from being trapped safely. Escape players, want to try this rescue with Allison as well?

Go ahead and check this out everyone! Lovable Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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