Louisiana 2022

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Lucas was dreaming a good dream where he was, but when he woke-up though he saw the beach. Okay it’s just a dream, actually he is a nomad and right-now he must take his leave in search of greener pastures and new places to stay in. Lucas have been waiting the entire night for USS Kidd to come to this docks, and now that it’s here he can finally get on it. But as he tried however, there seems to be a new rule on the ship, and right-now he cannot get on the vessel for he is not meeting that rule.

Escape players, the ship needs something now so that it can permit passengers on the ship. Well Lucas really needs to get somewhere than Louisiana though so okay he’ll meet that then so he can leave, but there is not enough time however for the ship is not going to stay in this docks forever. Okay then, will you help Lucas here get whatever it is needed so that he can secure himself a seat on USS Kidd? Go ahead then and make haste or this vessel might leave.

Louisiana 2022 is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Louisiana 2022

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