Lost Jungle Escape Game

Lost Jungle Escape

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Niel is currently heading to South America on a plane and he expected to arrive in a few hours later. But on the middle of the journey however, the plane he was on suddenly acted strange, leveling even lower and he knows it shouldn't yet for there is still an hour to go on the journey. Eventually, the last thing Niel heard was a brace position from the captain and so, everybody did. A few minutes passed and the plane crash-landed in a forested area violently, Niel thought that the plane won't come to rest as it skids in the forest-floor, it did eventually and now he can see the outside which looks like a remote wilderness.

Niel was miraculously conscious with a few minor cuts only, what a feat! For the plane was now in different pieces and yet he is alive. Some of the passengers weren't so lucky though he also expected, for his side of the cabin was empty and he was the only one there. Niel doesn't know which forest he is in now but he knows the plane landed very deep into it, he needs to begin to contact anybody now and at the same time ready himself for a tough night there, that's because there is a huge chance the survivors and him will only wait for rescue to arrive, and who knows how long will that take. Escape players, do you have any other way to remedy or even alleviate the stress of the situation? Come and try this one then with Niel and maybe you can escape all the way.

Lost Jungle Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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