Lost Escape Abandoned Mansion

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You always wanted to have your own mansion but you are not rich enough to have that. So when you saw an abandoned mansion on the forest, you went inside to check it. It’s so old and looks like no one lives in there anymore so you plan to take it. But if you think that no one really lives in there, you are wrong. Since the owner left the house, the forest spirits lived inside. They don’t want you to take over and take their mansion away so they locked you inside. They started to show off and it’s really scary. Because of this, you just want to escape and live in your humble hut. It might be small but at least it is yours and it’s peaceful. But these spirits don’t want you to get out easily. You have to work for your freedom.

They have set up puzzles that you need to solve before they open the door. However, these spirits are not bad, they’re just protective of their home so they left clues for you. Those clues can help you to solve the puzzles on the Abandoned Mansion. Lost Escape Abandoned Mansion is another exciting room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City that you will surely enjoy. Have fun!