Lost At Sea Escape Game

Lost At Sea Escape

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It had been days now and still no signs of the beach showing-up at the horizon, a few days ago Renaldo heard the last roar of his boat's engine which happened suddenly and unexpectedly, then he thought this can't be good. Definitely, it indeed wasn't good for it was a major problem and he had no way to fix it, that's why he was now drifting to sea aimlessly and he doesn't really know if he is really close to land or deep in the middle of nowhere. The next day, Renaldo woke-up and thought to himself, he should really do something or the ocean will eat him alive.

Renaldo needs to find a way now for his waiting had costed him valuable amounts of time which he should have used to get-out of the situation, now his risk of dying is much higher and it will even go as time passes. Escape players, will you place yourself on the shoes of Renaldo and see what you can do in-order to get yourself back to sanity? Use your ingenuity then with the few items on-board.

Lost At Sea Escape is the newest point and click sea escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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