Los Angeles Bank Footage Cleared Game

Los Angeles Bank Footage Cleared

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You usually got into trouble because you didn't like reading instructions. You likewise didn't want to figure thing out by yourself. Instead, you wanted someone to just tell you directly what to do. However, you couldn't always have someone beside you to tell you everything. So you most of the time find yourself stuck somewhere until someone helped you. Just like the one day when you were stuck in a room. You received a mail from your friend. It had a lot of instructions written inside it. You got easily tired of reading. And you skipped to the last line. The last line contained the address of the place you should visit. And you just focused on this. You immediately entered the place hoping things would just become clearer for you. However, it was connfusing as you walked around. Then you realized you couldn't leave the place.

This made you look through every room to find out that it just didn't make any sense. Then you remembered the letter you received from your friend. You sighed as you realized you should have read every word of it. You just leaned on the wall for a while. But you knew that you wouldn't be able to escape here if you continued with that kind of mindset. So you set your mind on your goal of escaping. Play Los Angeles Bank Footage Cleared room escape game by NSR Games.

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