Lonely Villa Farmer Rescue Game

Lonely Villa Farmer Rescue

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The farmer is pretty old now but his farming skills is still pretty sharp, that's why Brandon gets his fix of produce from the guy only, for his was pretty fresh and was definitely worth the price. But that day however, Brandon saw that the farmer's lands were empty. That's pretty strange, for Brandon always sees the farmer tilling but now he is nowhere to be found. And so Brandon waited for a few minutes and that's when he knew something was up, well he will be right for the farmer was actually trapped in there!

Brandon called for the farmer in his most glorious home which he really worked hard for, he can hear a muffled voice from inside the place and he tried to listen more, it sounded like the farmer needs some help or something and whatever it is of course Brandon will absolutely not neglect him. Brandon is now inside the house and he doesn't know exactly where the farmer is, eventually in his search he managed to find him and that's when he knew that he was right, for the farmer is trapped in a room there! What? How? Brandon already saw this as serious so he will help the farmer before that guy gets hurt or something. Escape players, come help Brandon here in helping the farmer out, only then he'll know what exactly happened and for the farmer's safety, that is absolutely a must.

Lonely Villa Farmer Rescue is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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